Red Hot Chili Peppers’ John Frusciante Spotted At Major Concert


Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante attended Solange, Blood Orange and Kelela’s show at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night at the iconic Hollywood Bowl. Frusciante was photographed speaking to fans, and you can see another new John story below the photo.

John Frusciante’s former guitar tech Dave Lee discussed his gear in recent Dave Mails on JFEffects.

There is a Enrique Garcia guitar from the 1910s in the photos of John Frusciante’s collection of instruments in 2008 – hitherto unknown to the general public. Apparently, Frusciante practiced classical guitar during the Stadium Arcadium tour.

“John told me to keep an eye on a classic guitar and he said he wanted something very special, ‘something that Segovia would play.'” We were touring and we passed through Nashville, our team bus arrived at noon on a I thought that since I had some time, I could see if they had something “special” at Gruhn Guitars (the best guitar shop in Nashville), and there was Garcia John told me, “I’ll buy it.” Then the accountant transferred the money to Gruhn, and I, too, I went back to my hotel room.Later that night I took him to John.He picked up.He started to play.And he said ‘Perfect!Exactly what I wanted. ‘”

John Frusciante owned two Martin 0-15 units – both made between the 1940s and 1950s – these guitars accompanied him through solo concerts and Chili Peppers acoustic performances after the start of the By The Way album tour. It seems that one of them, that of the  video clip of “Road Trippin ‘”,  belonged to Anthony Kiedis. 

“One of them actually belonged to Rick Rubin, not Anthony, the other we bought from Norm’s Rare Guitars.”

In the recording of By The Way and the opening part of the album tour, Frusciante used a Taylor 314ce from the 2000s  at Rick Rubin’s request   – even though it did not please him. He told Guitarist Magazine in 2003 that he preferred Martin’s.

“We bought it to use it live because it had built-in pickups.” John never liked him very much because he was new, and once he said, ‘I play all those beautiful old guitars, why can not I play old guitars?’ So we installed pickups in the Martins. “