Eddie Vedder Reacts To Bad Nine Inch Nails Ripoff


Eddie Vedder reacted to Howard Stern telling him about his horrible Nine Inch Nails ripoff song in a new interview last week. Alternative Nation transcribed some of the funny conversation between Vedder and Stern. Stern just revealed how Eddie Vedder risked death.

Howard Stern: I have terrible OCD. I tried to write a song about OCD, like a poem. It sounded like shit. It was laughable, you would laugh at me. How do you know that something is that good that you can present it to your band, or put it out there as a record? Do you know, or is it a complete crapshoot?

Eddie Vedder: I’m just curious, was the poem like three words, then three lines, and then four words and four lines? Just the OCD thing?

Howard: I don’t know what I was doing. I think I used a Nine Inch Nails song as a parameter.

Eddie: A template.

Howard: Yeah, a template, and then I started writing about OCD. It was laughable. I showed it to Fred who works on the show, and I think he threw up. I don’t know how to do that. I wonder when you’re writing, and you’re writing about something personal like your relationship with your father or something like that.

The Beatles could write Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, a totally trite song. I don’t see Eddie Vedder doing that, I don’t see you ever sitting down and writing a frivolous song.

Eddie: Well, I have. Those are some of those guys on first, or maybe they’re still on the bench still.

Eddie Vedder, Taylor Swift, are teaming up with some major Hollywood names for a big project this week, as Pearl Jam prepare for their scheduled 2021 tour.