Eddie Vedder Releases New Song “My Father’s Daughter”


Flag Day, a film by Sean Penn, opens in select theaters on August 20th. The film’s soundtrack is available for pre-order now & features 13 original songs by Eddie Vedder, Glen Hansard, Cat Power, & Olivia Vedder.

News July 12 2021

Check out the latest updates to hit DEEP! Now you can pick from 151 songs and enjoy expanded setlist legnth capabilties, all written in Eddie Vedder’s instantly recognizable handwriting. You can listen to DEEP contributor Amy’s customized setlist here. Be sure to create your own!

DEEP: An Immersive Pearl Jam Experience
News May 6 2021

Pearl Jam’s Ten Club is proud to announce the launch of DEEP, an immersive live web hub. Now, you can listen to 186 official shows – containing up to 5,404 individual tracks, spanning two decades of the band’s tour history.

By accessing this hub, fans can now search their favorite shows by category and listen to custom-curated playlists, including “Best of CITY,” “Best of YEAR,” “Best Political Songs,” “Best Covers,” as well as playlists for new fans such as “Pearl Jam for Dummies,” and many more.

By popular request, DEEP also features a Custom Setlist Generator. By inputting your name and birthday, you can receive a custom setlist generated in Eddie Vedder’s instantly recognizable handwriting. The setlist also transforms into a streamable, custom playlist that has the added bonus of written personal descriptions for the Bootlegs, by you, the fans.