Eddie Vedder Reveals Heartbreaking Real Meaning Of “Even Flow”


After 27 years, Eddie Vedder finally revealed the emotional story behind “Even Flow” at Pearl Jam’s show at Safeco Field in Seattle on Wednesday, according to the PearlJam.com forum recap of the show.

Ed relates a story he says he has never told before. He talks about hanging around the warehouse rehearsing in the very early days and meeting a homeless vet he met named Eddie. Ed would buy him the same sandwich that he bought for himself. He goes on to talk about coming home from a European tour and the man wasn’t there. Ed found out the man was living under the Viaduct which was a relief. “I thought I had lost him.” Not much later the homeless vet died. He never knew that he was part of the next song “Even Flow.” Ed talks a bit about the homeless and how Eddie either didn’t get or wouldn’t take help.

Vedder later talks Stone Gossard. “On this next one we have Captiol Hills very own Mr. Stone Gossard. Stone was part of a gang called Newton Street Boys. Was it a gang or chess club? It was a bad ass chess club.”

Ed notes Stone worked at a bakery, Matt worked at a Kinko’s, Mike worked at a pizza place. So Stone was a baker and by the time we met he had more dough than any of us… Ed makes a comment about his joke wasn’t that bad “Have you heard the president talk?” Ed ends by saying Stone bought some guitars for which Ed is grateful, “You completely changed my life.”

  • Dude McDuderson

    There’s that word again….like clockwork.

    • makingconnections

      haha…why do you worry about it? It’s intentional, to get under the skin of people like you!

      • Dude McDuderson

        I don’t think so. I think it’s because the author is a horrible writer with no creativity

        • makingconnections

          Seriously, I think it’s a deliberate, attention-getting thing.

    • nos

      I’ve come to the conclusion that Brett is actually completely illiterate. They just set up some templates for him and he copy and pastes the rwst

  • Kay B

    Honestly I thought “Even Flow” had to do with the baby company “Evenflo”. I thought is was a pro-choice song.

  • Corndog

    Even Flow being about a homeless person is hardly a revelation on Eddie’s part.

    I kind of think of it as a sort of sequel to the song ‘Homeless’ that he did with Bad Radio as it has similar themes. There are a few different takes of that song out there, but one of them in particular is a really good song. Actually there are a few Bad Radio songs that i think were really good. ‘Believe you Me’ is a great wee song. I hoped that Eddie would play it with Pearl Jam in the same way that he moved Better Man from Bad Radio to PJ.





    • Stone Gossardish

      Eddie saw a lot of homelessness in his days in security, working across the street from Cheli in the gas station during graveyards, etc.

      Fast forward to the Ten days, he meets this guy specifically, and there’s a groove.

      I’ve always said Even Flo = one part jazz, one part blues, two parts caffeine.

      For my money the two best versions of the song ever happened in a very tight window. Detroit and Chicago in 2000 to me are the best of the best of that song.

  • Stone Gossardish

    Story was revealed in the Ten era, often. But nice reset.