Eddie Vedder Reveals Last Time He Saw Tom Petty Before Death


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder paid tribute to Tom Petty at Pearl Jam’s Safeco Field show in Seattle on Friday.

“Good evening again” Ed checks on the audience. We are asking favors. Ed asks about a sound coming from behind him. He asks if can be turned off. Turns out it is a train going by.

We are asking for favors from our friends. “the last time I saw Tom Petty was right here last summer.” It would mean a lot to me, because if he is out there, metaphysically, I just really want to get his attention. Tom I miss you. So you could you sing along and hold your devices with the lights. Let’s light up the sky. The audience complies generously. Lots of lights.

Ed greets the audience and asks if they mind if he drinks tonight? “Damn if this concert thing isn’t a great demonstration of our right to assemble.” Ed thanks the Mariners for letting them use the field. The shows are centerpiece of a much larger project. Ed said he realized they were nervous because they have never played a show that raised eleven million dollars to help the homeless. The song “Rats” goes to some old Seattle residents that might still be hiding.