Pearl Jam Huge 2022 Festival Rumor Leaks


In the Pearl Jam forum, a user had made a post about a 2022 Rio performance of the band. It seems the band might be heading to South America in September next year for performance at Rock In Rio. John Frusciante First 2021 Performance Video Revealed

Pearl Jam could do a show in Rio next year

One user wrote: “Per promoter, Rock In Rio – Rio De Janeiro – September 9, 2022”

The threat of infection and derailment from COVID-19 remains and it turns out the artists are facing unprecedented costs of doing business. While in the old world a band could take out insurance against shows lost to illness, no such surety exists for Covid-19.

In order to embark on a tour, musicians are required to pay in advance for transportation, production and the hiring of a road crew. Agents and promoters will pony up for venues and advertising. The cost of cancelling concerts at the last minute amounts to much more than lost ticket revenues.

One of the users reacted to the fact and said: “I just assumed that they could back out with covid being an excuse at any point after announcing the tour. It looks like that is not the case for some locations hence the risk of announcing too early.  Lots of bands have been doing this this year. 

As a fan I want them to announce the dates asap but stuff like this makes sense from a business perspective to not  announce until they are almost certain the shows will happen.”

Another wrote about the chances of the show being held to be narrow: “If I was a betting man I would of said no chance at SA shows next year. I would of guessed they did ballpark shows after Europe then a fall tour in NA after with 2023 giving the SA countries some love. “

But other user wrote: “Seems like a solid rumour.  Festival leaks tend to be more solid than arena shows.  South America in the Fall it is then”