Axl Rose Throws Instrument At Guns N’ Roses Show


Axl Rose threw his flute offstage at Guns N’ Roses’ Austin City Limits Festival performance on Friday.

GNRfanJen said on, “During Nightrain, when Axl blew the horn, when he tried to throw the chord, it got stuck and fell, he tried to kick it, failed again as it fell to the ground, so he picked it up, laughed it off and threw it.”

Andy14 posted a GIF of the incident and wrote, “You’re welcome.” An Axl Rose ‘fat wreck’ photo was recently revealed.

adamsapple chimed in about the repetitive setlist, “The whole setlist issue…if that’s the songs they want to play at least they could vary them a bit and not play the exact same order every night, also play around with arrangements – they have two very capable guitarists, one of the greatest singers ever and Dizzy can play some serious piano if given the chance – but they don’t really do much with all that. If they don’t bring out other deep cuts at least they could do acoustic or jam versions or piano versions of known classics, let people and even themselves re-discover their music that way.” Foo Fighters made a weird Axl Rose revelation yesterday.

adamsapple added, “Just think of them starting a show with Axl coming out alone, sitting down at the piano maestro style and do “This I Love” solo, then halfway Slash comes out and plays the solo and then the whole thing merges into Breakdown with the whole band joining in and THEN we get say Jungle/Easy/Brownstone. Some people would scratch their heads for sure but it would bring some edge to the whole thing and make fans like me very happy.” Axl Rose reacted to a bad accident at a GNR show last week.