Eddie Vedder Reveals Why Pearl Jam ‘Replaced’ Big Name


Eddie Vedder discussed Pearl Jam replacing Brendan O’Brien as producer on their new album Gigaton with Josh Evans at a recent listening event. O’Brien produced “Can’t Deny Me” which was advertised as being on the new album in March 2018, but O’Brien later left the project and the song never made the album.

Jonathan Cohen tweeted, “A few more details I didn’t have room for in the piece: The audio clip heard in the #Gigaton AR billboards is taken from the intro of ‘Who Ever Said.’ Eddie Vedder on producer Josh Evans: ‘He did an incredible job and we really enjoyed the process.'”

Pearl Jam fans have continued to discuss “Dance of the Clairvoyants” on the Ten Club board. Drummer1 posted, “As of yet I’ve not found words accurate enough to describe how intensely and deeply I already love this song. I am blow over by this display of technical musicianship and true artistry. These guys have always been a source of inspiration for me and hearing this has only increased my connection to their music. They are so brave, you guys. I love how they put themselves out there with this song. I think we have something very special on the way with Giga. I’m so ready.”

TR136913 said, “PJ is taking itself too seriously. I’m guessing they listened to the Beatle’s White album, dropped some acid and then wrote and performed this song. It is self indulgent and over produced. Go back to the basics boys. That is what got you here. All of the PJ fans falling all over themselves is to be expected. But what do you expect from a bunch of lemmings. Let’s hope the rest of the album does not follow suit with the waste of time that is DofC.”

Brianlux wrote, “I’m liking the song a bit better but just can’t get past the drumming. I guess I like a little looser feel to drumming. But then this is probably meant to sound 80’s and so much of 80’s stuff was mechanical robo-drum sounding (no offense meant toward Matt who is a fine drummer). Also not my favorite Ed style of singing. At this point in his career, maybe not such a good idea to rip on the vocal chords so much.” Eddie Vedder’s ‘worst drug used’ was just revealed.