Pearl Jam Lose Big Name On New Album: ‘He Left’


Pearl Jam insider Dimitrispearljam is reporting on the Ten Club board that Brendan O’Brien has departed as the band’s producer on their new album Gigaton, set for release in March 2020. O’Brien produced 2009’s Backspacer and 2013’s Lightning Bolt, even performing live with the band as a guest on their 2013 tour.

GardLivingston89 posted, “How does everyone feel about him not producing the new album. Do you like Brendan O’Brien or do you think they will be better without him? I’m hoping more and longer McCready solos. Can only hope.”

PJNB said, “I think something new is going to be a welcoming change. Not here to bash Brendan or his style but I am very curious and hyped to see what they come up with without him.”

Verceman chimed in, “Someone on reddit or something assumed it was Jack White producing because he was in Hawaii at Eddie’s house when the skater leaked that he had heard the record. I thought that was a crazy assumption at the time but now hearing that BOB did not produce the record I don’t think its so crazy!”

Sarava wrote, “Yeah. BOB has been awesome with PJ. But as a fan I’m excited that they might be trying something different.”

Cincybearcat responded, “This is how I feel. BOB has been great for PJ overall. Some missteps more recently but still more good than average. But a new producer just adds to the excitement as it adds to the uncertainty.” Pearl Jam’s rumored 2020 U.S. stadium shows just leaked.