Slash Reacts To Axl Rose Telling Him To Play Buckethead Riffs


Slash discussed playing music from the Guns N’ Roses album Chinese Democracy, and more specifically Buckethead riffs, in a new Music Radar interview. It was reportedly Axl Rose’s decision for Slash and the band’s current lineup to play Chinese Democracy material.

“The other side of it was figuring out what my version of The Chinese Democracy stuff would be like, because that was a whole different Guns N’ Roses animal in terms of the musicians involved. A lot of it I thought was really cool, like Buckethead did some cool shit so I would stick to that but do it in my own way so it didn’t feel too foreign or like I was squeezing a round peg into a square hole. That was interesting and fun… more fun than it was intimidating.”

The interviewer said, “On the song Better, instead of trying to play like Robin Finck trying to play like you – as per the recorded version – you chose to do your own thing…”

Slash responded, “Some of the stuff I won’t do note-for-note because it doesn’t have a serious melodic significance to the song. It sounded like they were making it up…”

Guns N’ Roses have played numerous Chinese Democracy songs since Slash’s 2016 return to the band.