Eddie Vedder Reveals What He Really Thinks About Radiohead


Eddie Vedder discussed Radiohead in a new interview with Matt Vaughn, owner of Easy Street Records, and Kevin Cole of KEPX Seattle about Record Store Day 2019. It appears Eddie believes in Radiohead’s power to unite their listeners. Welcome to the club Eddie! Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“When you’re playing a big show, and at some point you can look out at a crowd and and you see 10,000, 20,000, or even 50,000 people, you admire the fact that there are that many people agreeing on something for that moment, you know!

There’s no doubt whether its Radiohead, or Jack White, or whatever the group or whatever the style of music, it’s people agreeing together and hopefully that lasts weeks, or months, or years after the show.”

Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien discusses being ‘freaked out’ due to his insecurity when hanging out with Eddie Vedder and other rock legends in a 2017 Music Radar interview.

“It’s like in life in general. For centuries, people have been calling those moments ‘the dark night of the soul’. And I think the creative process completely mirrors it. You have those times when you think you can’t do it and you’ve got to hang on – that’s all you can do.

“I remember a time down in New Zealand, going down to play with Neil Finn, and that’s when I first met Johnny Marr and Philip [Selway] came down, Sebastien Steinberg, Lisa Germano and Eddie Vedder. I remember the first night I was a bit freaked out by the musical company I was keeping. I was pretty insecure – it didn’t help that I’d smoked a big spliff either [laughs].

“But it didn’t matter with those first two days of hanging on. Rather than the self-doubt, the ‘shit, I can’t do this’ thing. I think everybody gets that. You understand that you grow from those moments and those big challenges. As long as you don’t give up. That’s the key. It’s a test to hold on. Be open, don’t feel sorry for yourself and know that’s just part of the process. It doesn’t make it any easier and you might not sleep that night, but it’ll all be okay. You’ll look back on it and you’ll only remember the good bits.”