Marilyn Manson Bandmate Calls Out ‘Bitch Ass’ Linkin Park Songs


Former Marilyn Manson bandmate Madonna Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo) called out Linkin Park and 3 Doors Down in a series of new Facebook posts.

Seriously, for shits and giggles, which is kind of antithetical put together: I decided to Google “hate songs”… and you mean to tell me that fucking Linkin Park and 3 Doors Down show up with little bitch ass songs about your girlfriend and crap? I’m not even fucking kidding, do it yourself, and 99% will be bullshit modern crap about little pussy hurt bitches.

The only decent result I got was “hate songs in E Minor” by fudge tunnel…

You can’t even find good hate when you like it on the internet anymore… it’s all this fucking bullshit, cry about your fucking relationship crap.

There won’t be a single real “hate anthem” in the bunch …let alone an “irresponsible” one?

And I’m not trying to suck my own dick, but I would if I could. However, seriously, what has happened to real hate songs?

And you should see all these crappy compilations online about “hating your girlfriend” and “hating the world” without any real hate in them.

These motherfuckers don’t hate, they’re just disappointed little bitches.

These little fucktards don’t know what hate is because they don’t know what love is.

I’m tired of this lack of hate, when we need hate more than ever against this president