Eddie Vedder Riding Moped On Roof At Wedding Is Awesome


Fabio Nosotti has released a new photo of himself and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder at what appeared to be a wedding in Rome. He wrote on Instagram, “Riding on the roof with Eddie…???☠?” Vedder was also photographed wearing handmade jewelry in Rome.

Pearl Jam bassist recently discussed his dreams about the band, including his hopes for the band to play Montana sometime soon.

“Possibly,” Ament said in a new Havre Daily News interview. “I have dreams about it. I mean real dreams. We had proms and stuff with live bands in the gym. Things happen in your dream world where, usually there’s some stressful thing where the power is not working right. You’re running around, the band’s getting mad at you.”

Riding on the roof with Eddie…???☠?

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