Michael Anthony Hospital Photo Stuns Van Halen Bandmate


Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony has uploaded a new Instagram photo album with his new grandchild at a hospital. Anthony recently revealed a surprising shirtless photo.

Anthony wrote, “We welcomed our little angel Billie Lynn Becerra on July 23rd!! She came prematurely at 34 weeks and spent a little over 2 weeks in NICU gaining weight and getting strong enough to come home, which she did yesterday!!!

Congrats to my beautiful daughter Elisha, and my son in law Billy, you two are so amazing and strong with everything you’ve been through. And a big thank you to the doctors, nurses and staff at Huntington Memorial Hospital who took such great care of our Billie Lynn!! #lovemyfamily #toocute #imaproudpapa #missingyouRex #lovemyNina thankyouhuntingtonmemorialhospital.”

Sammy Hagar commented, “And nothing but big big hugs and love from the Hagar family!! Congratulations Is an understatement, but.”

Anthony responded, “My brother❤️.”

shennessy76 weighed in, “Congratulations!! Our daughter was born at 30 weeks, it’s amazing what doctors and nurses and staff do!!🙏🏻 Blessings to your family!!” dadioham told Anthony, “Greatest news on a Friday. ❤️ from one dad to another…and one that formed a huge part of my teen years! 👍🤘🏻💪🏻”

emf_1177 said, “Awww… such a true blessing. ❤️ Congrats to your entire family. Hoping mom and baby are doing well.” elmo500db wrote, “Congrats Mike. Our daughter is a physician with the NICU sat the army hosp at Lewis-McCord in WA. NICU staff are the best.”

Anthony recently filmed a nostalgic video honoring where he met Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, and David Lee Roth. An original lineup Van Halen reunion tour was in discussions for this summer but fell through.