Eddie Vedder Says Donald Trump Running For President ‘Feels Like The End Of The World’


Pearl Jam performed in Ottawa on Sunday night. Read the setlist and notes below from Sea on the PearlJam.com forums (via John).

01. Lightning Bolt
02. Mind Your Manners
03. Do The Evolution
04. Save You
(Ed greets the audience. He claims that they are right on schedule of every five years. He isn’t sure how long it will be until they get back so they want to make the most of the night. Ed comments that coming to Canada from America where we have Donald Trump running for President feels like the end of the world. And he promises to talk about it more later but those fires in Alberta also seem like the end of the world. But what is really the end of the world is Canada doesn’t have a hockey team in the playoffs.)

05. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
06. Love Boat Captain (intro jam)
07. Deep
08. Faithfull (Ed tosses the mic to some folks on the barricade that help sing the last chorus)

(We’ve been watching intently about what is going on down in Fort McMurray, down in Alberta and hopefully some of this weather coming might help with the situation. He goes on to talk about deeply emotional situations and is interrupted by a man who professes love for Ed. Ed asks if that is his old boyfriend Tim, Tim Horton from Ottawa. Ed gets sidetracked for a bit but goes back to discussing the idea that unless you are suffering a real tragedy like those in Alberta and someone ask how you are you should say you are great. The next song is about realizing that sometimes things are actually good.)

09. I Am Mine
10. Even Flow

(Ed introduces Matt and Mike and figures that they had mothers. In fact almost everyone has a mother and if you have one you should love her because they are pretty great. “Most of us have great moms and some of us have good dads, not all of us, but the grand dame of them all was Matt Cameron’s Mother (grand mother?) Ed also points out author John Krakauer. Who has written books like “Into Thin Air” and “Under The Banner Of Heaven” and the book that changed Ed’s life, “Into The Wild”. Krakauer is lit up by Kille and shown on the video screens. The next song is from the sound track “Into Thin Air”

11. Setting Forth
12. Corduroy
13. Immortality (with intro)
14. Given To Fly (“this is for a beautiful girl Yvonne”)

(“How about that Stone Gossard right there? This is for all the surfers out there. I know there at least two.”)

15. Big Wave
16. Why Go
17. Jeremy
18. Porch

Encore Break One
(Ed and Jeff come out. Ed says the next song reminds him of wine so he is going to have some. He swears on his passport that this might be the best sounding building on the tour “and we are getting near the end.“ Ed toasts the local crew and the audience. Jeff takes the wine and has a very long pull. Ed observes that the technical virtuosity may have gone down a bit on stage after that but it is probably a good thing. Ed’s brothers are here and he toasts as well. “Do you know how many wrong notes those guys had to listen to while we were growing up.” One of Ed’s brothers tells him about a possibly misheard news story of the theft of five million bees. “So if you hear a buzzing call the cops.” “On mother’s day I think this is what a great mom would tell her little girl. It is called Bee Girl.”)

19. Bee Girl-(Jeff & Ed)

(“We are gonna try this one. We haven’t been playing it but I think this room sounds okay and we are gonna be able to get away with it.”)

20. Speed Of Sound
21. Parachutes
22. Sirens (with sing along outro)
23. Love, Reign O’re Me-(Townshend)
24. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)
25. Blood/Atomic Dog-(Clinton, Shider, Spradley) (repeats bow wow part twice 10 seconds max)

Encore Break Two

26. All I Want Is You-(U2, Bono) (Ed plays acoustic guitar and sings first verse only)
27. Wasted Reprise (before singing the lyrics Ed talks about being thankful)
28. Life Wasted
29. Black
30. Alive
31. Fuckin’ Up-(Neil Young)