Eddie Vedder Spotted With A-List Actress In Photo


Eddie Vedder’s connections and circle of famous friends spans far and wide. In fact, Eddie Vedder is actually one of the best known singers in Hollywood. Following his ongoing career as a musician, Eddie has been featured in some guest spots in films. With the guest spots and just how much his music has impacted the lives of so many – it’s no wonder that he has been hanging out with this actress.

In a recent Instagram post by Leslie Mann, (Big Daddy, George Of The Jungle, Knocked Up) she was seen in a very grungy attire rocking out with Eddie Vedder on the guitar. It looks like Leslie knows how to play the guitar too as her hand isn’t just placed on the guitar in random fashion. It looks like she’s hitting a real chord!

Eddie Vedder is seen in the two slides taking a photo of Leslie in one while the two are seen smiling in the other. The friendship between these two goes back a few years with articles being written about the two being friends in 2019. The duo have been seen at parties together and at award ceremonies as well.

With Leslie Mann being as popular as she is and Eddie Vedder of course doing what he does best, could we possibly see these two team up for some work on music together? While that may be a bit of a reach, we can assure you one thing, and that’s that these two seem to be the life of the after-party anywhere that they go. However, we will continue to keep our fingers crossed for some kind of Hollywood crossover that sees Eddie Vedder in more guest roles in due time.