Eddie Vedder Spotted With Serena Williams In Photo


Serena Williams and Venus Williams took a photo with Eddie Vedder at a recent Pearl Jam show, as seen below. CirclesDown reviewed the band’s Oklahoma City show in a Ten Club board post.

“Went into this just appreciating that I was getting to see these dudes again after nearly a decade since my last show. No hopes for certain songs, just appreciating that I was going to get to hear them play 20-something songs at all was enough for me, didn’t care if I got a bunch of standards. Wondering a little if they were going to seem like a band showing their age, wondering if Ed’s voice was still Ed’s voice, wondering what they might have in the tank for their 4th show in 5 nights, in what might considered a less exciting stop, next to last show on the tour, near the finish line of a bumpy year. What would they throw down at OKC??!

It was nothing short of incredible. It’s not about what’s on the set list. It’s about giving you 24ish songs with everything they got. They attacked every single song with the intensity and energy they deserve. They are still in top form, Ed sounded GREAT. They were genuinely happy to be there playing hard. I’m so appreciative that they treat us southern crowds the same they would anywhere else.

Habit was dirty and mean. Was so incredibly stoked to get sleight of hand. Also shocked and so happy to get Amongst the Waves, a really special song in my family Do the Evolution to Porch is one of their best 1-2 punches. Explosive. Can’t say enough about this show. Seen them in a lot of cool places, this might have been the best show of them all.”