Gene Simmons Leaks Freddie Mercury AIDS Photo


Legendary KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently took to social media via Twitter to highlight this fan-made drawn photo which is a play on The Beatles classic Abbey Road album cover entitled – ‘The Masters of Rock’. This time, however, it’s Freddie Mercury (his look around the time he got AIDS), Gene Simmons, and Slash crossing the street. You can view this tweet below. Gene Simmons ‘loses voice’ in awful leaked video.

In other news regarding Gene Simmons and KISS, fans took to the KISSfaq fan forum to discuss if ‘The hottest band in the land’ would of had success regarding their latest found had it not been without the ‘End of the Road’ stipulation. One forum user, Nibbler1982 proclaimed: “The tour would’ve done a solid percentage less in sales. That’s obvious. Saying it would’ve tanked is pure fantasy. There is no data to support such a farcical position. Since it’s inception this lineup has had unmitigated success. Adding End of the Road to the marquee has made sales absolute gangbusters.” Gene Simmons ‘looks like woman’ in KISS show photo.

While HOFCity questioned: “What would they have called it? This was the easiest way for them to have a successful money-making Tour without them having to ‘ work ‘ on and put out a new album. And it was for this reason that I wanted this Tour to tank. It didn’t. I attended a show ( enjoyed it ) and even though there will never be new KISS music it’s all good. I just can’t believe the last KISS song will be one done for a cartoon but maybe that’s fitting for a band like KISS.

Gene Simmons ‘gains muscle’ in new leaked photo. Star_Paul12 noted: “Success” is subjective. Would they have been able to play and largely sell out markets without a headliner? No. Would they have been able to do b and c markets and play to 4-5000 a night a la 2016? Sure.”