Eddie Vedder ‘Struggling’ At Pearl Jam Paris Show


Eddie Vedder struggled at Pearl Jam’s Paris show prior to the band canceling a Vienna concert.

Glassofwooder posted on Reddit, “Saw them at Lollapalooza Sunday (the Paris show they’re talking about). EV did make a point of mentioning the heat/smoke/dust in the air during the show and definitely seemed like he was struggling a bit at certain points (can’t think of specific examples) and was definitely skipping lines more often than usual (from what I can remember, it’s been a few years) throughout the set. With that being said, he was still awesome.

On top of that – Cready is absolutely fucking unreal and I forget that sometimes. He was on fire.”

thartley582 wrote on the Ten Club board, “Well it’s definitely a major gut check moment as a “since the beginning” follower of this band; 2+years in the making, planning an entire Austria trip around this event, landing amazing tickets only to be turned around by a random fan at 1645 local time.

No words can describe how it feels, especially given my previous show experiences, but not the time and place for those experiences.

That said, I absolutely stand by how this went down, sucks, yeah, but I mean if you follow this band you know EV especially gives heart and soul for the fans/followers/listeners. They all do.

I had a bad vibe with the press coming out of the Paris sbow, and had this sneaking suspicion something wasn’t right.

So I hope EV gets better, and Stone (happy birthday), McCready, Cameron, Ament and company find a solid footing to resume either performances and/or especially continuing this creative journey. Not many bands like them, so shit happens, we don’t own anything, chance can be both a plus or a minus in human terms.

I’ll get my money back, have had a phenomenal two week trip in Austria, and will have another opportunity.

Still stings like a mad hornet though, travel, money, planning, expectations etc Its that old saying (I’m getting it wrong): Stress/Pain amplifies when one’s expectations are vastly different than ones actually reality.