Smashing Pumpkins Icon Disrespects Maynard James Keenan


The Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha hilarious disrespected Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan as he is in the studio with his band Puscifer. Keenan and Iha were bandmates in A Perfect Circle before Iha departed to rejoin The Smashing Pumpkins in early 2018. Billy Corgan threatened to quit touring a couple of weeks ago.

Puscifer wrote in a video post on Instagram, “That son of a so and so @jamesihaofficial is workin on some special sauce in our shared studio. #therecanbeonlyone So we’re “slummin” it next door. @carinaround @matmitchell #puscifer2021 #doinstuff #puscifer #analogheaven #createsomethingwitheverybreathwedraw @bluemicrophones.”

A fan named Matt_May recently posted a review from a Tool show in Raleigh on Reddit, and described the show from a perspective of someone who has visual issues.

“I’d last seen TOOL in 2016 and at that show, they stared at their instruments a lot. They looked a lot more practiced this time around. At least on the old songs. Justin was fifteen feet from me and I was able to watch him interact with the rest of the band. He shocked me when he raised his arm to get us to cheer. He seemed to feed off the energy from the crowd.

On the new songs I was surprised by how much Justin ran the show. It’s not surprising that the rhythm section is in charge of timing, I just wasn’t expecting to see stage directions from a band as practiced as TOOL. Adam would look over and Justin would motion the start of the bridge or the end of a chorus. This was especially true on the extended version of Descending; the highlight of the new songs for me. Forty Six & 2 felt anti-climatic afterwards.”

Tool revealed another surprise new album release yesterday. The Reddit user added, “The encore was a lot of fun. A lot of my neighbors had been waiting for Invincible but afterwards we all agreed that Descending was better. At least live. The show ended with Stinkfist and we all pulled out our sweaty palms to use our phones. Is this a pun on our behavior or am I reading too much into it? At the end of the song, Danny ran over and bear hugged Adam. Adam them came over and gave a side huge to Justin. They appeared to be sincerely moved and happy. We all were.

The house lights came on and I felt drained. It had been an incredible two and half hours. Maynard felt somewhat removed from the rest of the band. Not just physically but emotionally. He was there doing a job. A gig. The rest of the band interacted with us, giving and taking. I found my friends and we rode our way out of there. Special thanks to them for helping me navigate meat space.

Wondering how I can both see the band and need a cane? See Retinitis pigmentosa on Wikipedia.” Maynard James Keenan and Tool recently canceled a show for a sad reason.