Eddie Vedder Spotted With Chris Cornell Ex-Wife


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder went with his wife Jill and children to see Chris Cornell’s ex-wife and former Soundgarden manager Susan Silver do a live conversation with Gloria Steinem. Silver and Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily was also in attendance. Eddie and his family were photographed with Susan and Lily backstage. Eddie Vedder working on a movie with an A-list actor was recently revealed.

Jill Vedder wrong on social media before the event, “@lilycornellsilver Can’t wait to see you later and celebrate your amazing momma #SusanSilver and her incredible gig interviewing @gloriasteinem !!!! Your mom has always been a role model and champion of women .. honest and of the highest integrity, solid, a great friend and a outstanding mother ..🏆#strongwomen #queens #feminist #legends #womencelebratingwomen #graceful&classy @hedgebrook #TheTruthWillSetYouFreeButFirstItWillPissYouOff ❤️💗💙.”

She later wrote, “@lilycornellsilver ❤️💗💙 isn’t this quite a crew ?? #sisters #friends #feminists #seattle #family #TheTruthWillSetYouFreeButFirstItWillPissYouOff @gloriasteinem.”

Howard Stern made a sad Chris Cornell and Gavin Rossdale claim earlier this month. Jill concluded, “A evening with my favorite people .. my family ..including our most special @lilycornellsilver, i love you so much.. me and the girls are always so happy when you come home for a visit 🏡 #SusanSilver you are a bad ass and made us all proud this evening with @gloriasteinem teaching us how to keep fighting the good fight 💪🏼 what an inspiring evening!! Also #GreatJobOlivia.”

She also discussed her charity work recently, “This photo was taken after @ebresearch raised almost $1.5M at the annual ACTion for Jackson gala last November. Nights like that fill me with so much joy that our mission is being heard. It’s the last day of #EBAwarenessWeek. 7 days from now, we’ll be celebrating the 10th annual AFJ. Let’s make it another success. Visit @ebresearch to join our fight.” Eddie Vedder was spotted with Courteney Cox last month.