Eddie Vedder Terrible Adam Sandler Bombshell Revealed

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder definitely has fans all over entertainment! Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are best known for playing the duo of Sam and Dean Winchester on the acclaimed sci-fi show Supernatural. When they aren’t hunting demons, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural beings they are hitting up the convention crowd. One such convention was at SPN Dallas 2019 in Plano. Here, Ackles and Padalecki reveal an embarrassing story about Eddie Vedder and Adam Sandler in which Padlecki humorously tried bum a smoke from Vedder, and asked if the cigarette was real. Alternative Nation transcribed Padalecki and Ackles’ comments 

Padalecki: So after the gig is over, I’m talking to Adam Sandler or something, It’s maybe six [inaudible]

Ackles: We have no business being there, we aren’t really famous enough to be at this even be at this event but there we were. 

Padalecki: Eddie Vedder comes up to talk to whomever I’m talking to, I think it was David Spade or something. Vedder comes up to say hi to his buddies, I happen to be in the group smoking a cigarette and I’m like: “play cool, play cool, play cool, hey is that real?!” 

[The crowd laughs]

Padalecki: And he’s like: “huh?” 

Ackles: I’m standing next to him and I’m like: ” what did he just say? 

“Hey is that real?” 

Ackles: There it was, it was like a vapor cloud of just anything cool residing in Jared’s body just left. I was just looking at this shell of a person. 

[Padalecki and Ackles then reenact the exchange]

Padalecki [imitating himself]: Hey is that real?

Ackles [imitating Eddie]: Yeah.

Padalecki: You mind if I, you mind if I, use some of it or something? I’ll do some too. 

[Ackles as Vedder hands Padlecki the cigarette] 

Padalecki: Thanks man. 

[Padalecki gags while trying to smoke]

Padalecki: Thanks Eddie:

Ackles [As Eddie]: Nah man, you can keep it.

Padalecki: True story!

Ackles: And this is what I did to him: “Thanks Eddie!” [Ackles puts his hand over Padalecki and pretends to walk away.]

Ackles: Eddie was totally cool too, like, he couldn’t of been cooler about it, then watched this poor person fumble with something that he’s never used before, then offered it back to him as if to say: “thanks for letting me borrow your smoke, bro.” Eddie just smiled and went: “nah man, you keep it.”