Queen Make Stunning Freddie Mercury AIDS Claim


Queen guitarist Brian May has posted the following in honor of Freddie Mercury.

“The Mercury Phoenix Trust was founded by Brian May, Roger Taylor, and their manager Jim Beach in memory of rock band Queen’s iconic lead singer Freddie Mercury who died in 1991 from AIDS.

In the last 26 years the trust has given away over 16 million dollars in his name and funded over 700 projects in the global battle against HIV/AIDS.

10% of the sales from this item will benefit The Mercury Phoenix Trust through the Hard Rock Heals Foundation.”

May posted on Sunday, “I love what the time change going West does to me. Jet-lag wakes me up at 5 am and I can marvel at my luck in seeing one more dawn and sunrise in a place I love. It’s curious, but it seems a big part of my heart and soul lives permanently in Los Angeles. Happy grateful and blessed to be able to live this moment. Good morning Pals. Have a great day. If one of those uncharted asteroids hits Earth tomorrow, it could be our last. So we’d better enjoy today !!! #asteroidday Bri”

He wrote on Saturday, “Bri joins orchestra … eeek ! 💥💥💥💥 For those of you who are REALLY into detail and detective work – the position of my left hand might be a good clue as to what I’m playing ! And that is a BMG SUPER – top line production model – that I’m playing – because my original Red Special is already at production rehearsals for the QUEEN and Adam tour of North America that we begin on July 10th in Vancouver !!! At this point the orchestra members had gone home after a great day – and I was doing my overdubs, prior to mixing the track. I’m excited ! You’ll hear it pretty soon !! Bri”