Metallica Leak ‘Bad’ James Hetfield Haircut Before Rehab


Metallica great Kirk Hammett recently discussed how he and the rest of the Metallica crew got short haircuts a few years before James Hetfield went to rehab in 2001. Credit to UG for the transcript. Metallica reveals if Jason Newsted is ‘really sick’.

Hammett told the show’s host: “In the ’90s, my look changed, and it was because of San Francisco. I mean, I cut my hair because that was part of the San Francisco look at the time; I started dressing up the same way as all my friends because that’s how all my friends dressed. And from the outside looking in, it probably looked really strange, like, ‘This guy from Metallica, overnight, he changes his whole look,’ but it was not like that. It was not an overnight thing.”

He continued: “It was just taking in San Francisco culture at the time through osmosis, turning into something that was just very similar to what my peers were doing.”

A Metallica icon called out this ‘Cheater’ for big-name affair recently.  In other news regarding Metallica, fans took to social media to discuss one of Metallica’s most beloved albums – ‘S&M’. One fan stated: “Wow, Metallica like you have never heard them before. I thought Rush was the best band I have ever seen in concert but listening to Metallica. I would love to see them in concert as well. Every song is great. They work so well with the San Francisco Orchestra. They sound incredible. Like Rush , their “power” sound..I was a bit skeptical listening to them with strings, but I was pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend this album.”

While another fan put: “The performance is resplendent (sonically) and the presentation is equally dramatic. Very nice pressing on the vinyl. Sounds much more alive, with better spaciousness and dynamic range, than the CD (and my $1k CD player is no slouch either). This cannot be said of all new vinyl coming out these days–some are not much better than the CDs, and are probably mastered from the CDs themselves, thereby defeating the purpose of vinyl. Docking a star because one of the disks was warped. Highly recommended!” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Hammett’s comments.