Eddie Vedder Wife Reveals Embarrassing Christmas Sweater


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill has posted a new photo of herself wearing a ‘All I Want For Christmas Is Eddie Vedder’ sweater. Jill wrote in an Instagram caption, “My Not Ugly Christmas Sweater ❤️.”

Suz__ipm commented, “Don’t we all. ❤️ haha. But you have him! Loan him out???? 😉.”Jill responded, “Not so fast there lady 😉😂😉.”

Dludden13 wrote, “Where do we buy that?!?!😊” Jill responded, “@dludden13 I feel like I got it on Etsy or something .. I’ve had it a couple years now :)”

Litlbeck said, “I bet you get some eye rolls at home when you wear that 😂.” Vedder shot back, “nah.. he loves to know he’s loved by me and the girls .. don’t we all want that everyday?? It’s been a crazy year and it’s important to show the ones we love how much they mean to us even if it’s with a cheesy Christmas sweater … he felt like a stud.. anyone would 😉”

Eddie Vedder’s birthday was just a couple of days before Christmas, with the Seattle rock icon turning 56 on December 23rd. Jill Vedder revealed a surprising birthday cake photo earlier this week on the special day. Pearl Jam are expected to tour in 2021.