Red Hot Chili Peppers Hint At Finishing New Album


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea sent out a tweet earlier this week that hinted that the band are finished recording their new album. Producer Rick Rubin also tweeted about the ‘editing’ process, meaning that fans could expect to hear a new RHCP album in the first half of 2021.

Flea tweeted on December 23rd, “Just came out the studio to hear there’s some weird virus floating around. You guys worried about it?”

RHCPTom recently discussed his hopes for RHCP in the 2020’s in a Reddit topic, writing, “I predict we’ll have more quantity of albums this decade due to John’s return and the current pandemic situation.

The band will release a greatest hits sequel at some point. Deep cuts such as Easily, Funky Monks and Venice Queen will make a live comeback in the probable absence of Josh era material.

This will be the last decade the band will be under Warner Bros. Records. Anthony will have a musical collaboration with an artist outside of the band. John actually goes to the fourth dimension!!!”

JRclarity123 responded, “The band gives us three albums, the last one being very polarizing to fans Nobody dies, but one member has a significant health scare (Not Anthony, since he is probably immortal). John quits the band again, but we don’t find out about it until a few years later because Flea talks him out of it.

Josh collaborates with the band again, but not as a guitarist. None of the lyrics on the next album will contain the word California, but a CA city will be mentioned, along with the state of Vermont. Flea is nominated for a Golden Globe for best supporting actor

John releases his own biography, and although it contradicts Scar Tissue and Acid Children in a few spots, it’s ultimately not very exciting since John can’t remember long stretches of his past. Chad faces misdemeanor charges after assaulting someone at a drum expo who refuses to stop calling him Will Ferrell. Anthony and Mike Patton bury the hatchet in a cringey TV commercial for a new Epic Mother’s Milk Doritos flavor.”