Eddie Vedder Wins Money Gambling With Chad Smith


Eddie Vedder played with the Earthlings in Las Vegas this week, and he went gambling with bandmates, including Chad Smith.

Setlist via Ten Club board:
01. Room At The Top
02. Here Comes The Sun-(Harrison)
03. The Dark
04. Invincible
05. Wishlist
06. I Got ID/Cinnamon Girl-(Young) 1:23 min tag
{Ed was feeling lucky in Las Vegas and he and the band went gambling. Their black jack dealer Yao (?) seemed to take a shine to Andrew. Ended up with a black ace and black jack after betting his entire stack of chips on his last hand.}
07. Brother The Cloud
08. Fallout Today
09. Try
(Ed talks about recording Try with Stevie Wonder and segues into talking about the piano used on the next song Mrs. Mills and how he came to write the song}
10. Mrs Mills
11. I’m One-(Townshend)
12. Chad-O
13. Rose Of Jericho
14. Long Way
15. Good And Evil
16. Porch

Encore Break

17. Just Like Heaven-(Smith, Gallup, Thompson, Williams, Tolhurst) The Cure
18. Dirty Frank
{Ed has many hopes for next year. Fair uncontested elections, women’s rights to bodily autonomy, some sane gun legislation and more}
19. Isn’t It A Pity-(Harrison)
20. Hunger Strike-(Cornell) Andrew Watt sings Chris’ part
21. Purple Rain-(Prince) Josh Klinghoffer sings lead after first verse
22. Rockin’ In The Free World