Jimmy Page Creepy Home Hit By Devastating Tragedy


The former Highland home of occultist Aleister Crowley and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has finally been sold, Scotsman reports. It was mostly destroyed by a tragic fire four years ago, and was owned by Jimmy Page for around 20 years after he purchased ‘the most notorious home in the Highlands’ in the 1970’s. The new owners are looking for peace after over 120 years of heartbreak and tragedy at the home. The 2015 fire made the home a ‘danger to the public.’

Crowley bought the home at the age of 25 in 1899 and did his black magic investigations at the home surrounding his then new religion Thelema. He reportedly required “a house in a more or less secluded situation” with a door that opened to the north from where the oratory could be delivered. He wanted to ‘banish the demons’ to the terrace with satanic rituals.

In 1960 owner Major Edward Grant died by suicide with a shotgun, while one estate employee tried to claim his family.

Highland Ghosts said on its social media channel about the home, “Following on from our investigation we are delighted to have been contacted by the new owners of the property who have kindly shared their vision with us of restoring the property and grounds to their original state, while also creating a non-profit charitable trust so that the public in general will be able enjoy the house and grounds for generations to come.

“Highland Paranormal will be supporting this project moving forward and we would like to wish the new owners all the best with this amazing project to restore a key part of the area’s heritage.

“Meanwhile the owners have asked that due to the current dangerous state of the house, that the public in general stays away from the building and grounds until construction work has been completed and the house is opened to the public.”