Kanye West Racist Asian Attack Leaks In Video


Kayne is exposing truth after truth – and guess what, he’s not working for Donald Trump’s Truth Social, and he is being heard and documented. Censorship is out the window. For those of you who may think that West is losing his marbles, think again. If you carefully listen to his interviews you will hear coherent articulation. Not saying we agree with everything he says – not at all. Merely pointing to a fact that he is not rambling. Everything he says has rhyme and reason.

As per Hot New Whip Hop, Kanye West spoke about Rosa Parks being a “plant” during his latest discussion on Clubhouse. In the wake of his various antisemitic comments from the live stream, the platform has since suspended his account.

West said:

“All of these heroes man– it’s only one. That’s Jesus Christ. You’re gonna find out something about MLK, something about JFK, something about Malcolm, Rosa Parks. We know Rosa Parks was a plant,” West said.

West continued:

“We know all of these things and they use these media outlets to outrage. Outrage is an economy, the trauma economy. What death are we gonna promote this week? It ain’t like 14 people are getting killed every week in Chicago. But no, we’re going to publicize this on our– I’m not gonna say whose platform it is. It was the Jews.”

Kanye also suggested Jewish people “are used by the Chinese” to control Black people, describing them as “just middlemen.”

Like we said, we don’t agree with everything West says – again, we do not agree with everything West says.