Eve Minor Is Ready To Take Over The Music World


Photo credit: Jeff Schaer-Moses

Every now and again, a really unique, powerful voice comes along. Like when seeing a shooting star, you don’t want to miss your chance to make that wish. Or in this case, to get on board with one of the freshest new talents. With seemingly limitless potential and one hell of a sound, Eve Minor is on the rise in a big way. Fun, sarcastic and mesmerizing, Eve Minor is destined to take over your world!

With the track “Heroin”, Eve Minor combined hip hop sensibilities with in your face 90s rock and a bit of punk ethos. The only thing more addictive than heroin is strangely this song. Trust me on that! Almost Nu-Metalish but unrelentingly fierce and fun.

On the trippy, reggae inspired “OMG”, the notion of taking over the world is solidified. The echoed up lyrics and Pink Floyd like soundscape provide a sultry backdrop for some wildly personal suggestive lyrics. Featuring dem atlas, the track features all the hooks and catches to bury itself way deep inside your subconscious. The song goes into full gear when the guitars come crashing in taking it to a whole other level. You’ll be remarking oh my god ling after listening when the wicked track refuses to leave your mind.

If you’re a fan of in your face aggressive and fun music, Eve Minor does not disappoint. It’s bold. It’s brash. It only gets better on repeated listens! Check out Eve Minor and lose yourself in the glory!

Eve Minor excels in going for the kill musically, melodically and lyrically. You can take a straight forward melody and get a couple people to sing along. But when you hone your craft and create unforgettable melodies, that is where you see the real return on investment.

Music fans nowadays have heard a lot. Countless trends, next big things and flavors of the week have come and gone. What they want- and deserve is a boldly unique artist. Not only one to rally around but one who they can live and breathe the music with. A symbiotic relationship between fan and artist. That is the potential here with Eve Minor.