Pearl Jam New Song With Pink Floyd Surprise Leaks


Pearl Jam recently leaked the opening to their new song “Who Ever Said” on their Instagram story, the first song off of their new album Gigaton. The second tweet has a brief clip, a followup to the Pink Floydesque teaser clip. The tracklisting for the record was recently revealed, and it omits “Can’t Deny Me,” Pearl Jam’s single released in March 2018 that was at the time described as the first single off of their ‘forthcoming album.’ A clip of a song that sounds like Nine Inch Nails just leaked.

Brendan O’Brien produced the song, but must have left the new album project at some point, as Josh Evans is producing the album and song didn’t make the record.

PJNB posted on the Ten Club board, “Gotta say its great they did not put CDM on this. Wether it would have just been the 13th song or not its been out for 2 years almost and is an easily skippable song at this point love it or hate it.”

Silvo commented, “Whilst I don’t think Can’t Deny Me is the worst they’ve released it’s certainly nowhere near their strongest. As such it’s omission from Gigaton and the clips we’ve heard on the previews gets me really excited for this album.”

There’s got to be a story there. BoB goes from producing the forthcoming album to…not. What happened?

It’ll be interesting to see the liner notes to check if he has anything to do with Gigaton (mixing, etc).”

Gigaton tracklisting:
1. Who Ever Said
2. Superblood Wolfmoon
3. Dance of the Clairvoyants
4. Quick Escape
5. Alright
6. Seven O’clock
7. Never Destination
8. Take The Long Way
9. Buckle Up
10. Comes Then Goes
11. Retrograde
12. River Cross