Ex-Faith No More Member Has Died In Tragic Way


Chuck Mosley, the former Faith No More frontman, has died. According to a statement from his publicist, Mosley died of addiction-related reasons after a long period of sobriety. Mosley was 57.

Greg Prato interviewed Mosley just a few months ago for Alternative Nation. Read the full interview below:

It was recently announced that Faith No More will be reissuing their debut album, We Care A Lot, on August 19th via Bill Gould’s label, Koolarrow (complete with nine extra tracks). But you can get your FNM fix sooner by attending a solo/acoustic show by singer Chuck Mosley (the same chap who sang on the aforementioned album). Chuck recently spoke with Alternative Nation from the road about what to expect at his solo shows (dubbed the “Reintroduce Yourself Tour”), and if there is a possibility of performances by Chuck and his former band to promote the reissue.

Alternative Nation: What can fans expect on the current tour?

Chuck Mosley: Just comedy! No, it’s acoustic – Doug [Chuck’s manager] has been trying to get me to do this forever. I’m reluctant, but it makes sense now, because we can actually make money – I don’t have a record out. VUA [Vandals Against Illiteracy, the rock band Chuck fronts], that record is old – we’re going to record another one, but in the meantime, I just wanted to see if we can do it, so it’s an anthology of all my songs and a couple of cover tunes. It’s pretty fun – it’s not bad at all. [Laughs]

Alternative Nation: So it’s just you on stage, or does Doug join you?

Chuck Mosley: Yeah, he’s playing congas on most of them. Starting out, we were going to make it like Storytellers, but never got around to that Storytellers part – except for little tiny ones. I just got up there, play, tell jokes, act stupid, mess up, start over again, and try to make it as psychedelic as possible – for as much as you can do on an acoustic set. [Laughs]

Alternative Nation: How long will the acoustic tour go on for – throughout the summer?

Chuck Mosley: We’re going out for two weeks at a time. Like, we’re doing these four shows in Washington, Oregon, Denver, and one in Indiana on the way back. And then we’re going to go home for about a week and then go to New York and the east coast for two or three weeks, and then come back home. We’re supposed to go to the southwest in August, but I’m not sure what is up with that yet, because there is some other stuff going on with a commitment I may have in August. But then we’re going to Europe, and then we’ll come back, and if they’re going good, we’ll keep going, and we’ll keep booking it. A different region here, a different region there. It’s just easier that way – because we’re both older and have families. Plus, if it’s not really going good, we can just stop booking. [Laughs] But so far, it’s picking up. But I want to make time so VUA can start recording when we come back from Europe, so we can have a record by spring. And we’re recording some acoustic stuff, and might put out something before this tour is over – I’m not sure yet.

Alternative Nation: Are there any plans for you to guest at Faith No More shows?

Chuck Mosley: I don’t know. I know they’re re-releasing that first record on Billy’s label, Koolarrow. So I guess they want to do something about that…I don’t know. I totally have to let them put that out. [Laughs]