Billy Corgan Reacts To Kurt Cobain Murder Conspiracy Film: ‘I Know A Lot Of Stuff’


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was recently interviewed by Joe Rogan. Alternative Nation transcribed some of their comments about Kurt Cobain’s death.

Rogan said Cobain died in an ‘oddly conspiratorial way.’ He asked Corgan, “Did you watch that fucked up movie Soaked in Bleach?”

Corgan responded, “No. A lot of people don’t know, I was sort of around for a lot of that stuff, so I know a lot of stuff I’ve never really talked about, so for me watching that stuff is replaying something I don’t want to replay, and B. I know a lot of stuff is not based in fact because I was around for a lot of it, and nobody has ever talked to me about it. So people tried to pimp me out in a Q&A with fans, and asked me questions, like I’m suddenly going to talk about it.”

Rogan said, “That documentary was so strange. How does somebody get away from that, like the recreations?”

He also said, “This should be illegal. Especially when you’re talking about a murder mystery, you’re saying that it wasn’t a suicide. You’re at least putting the idea out there that it might be a murder, and the way you’re doing it is by manufacturing words, you don’t know if they were ever said. It’s complete fiction.”

Corgan responded, “I was around for the before, sort of during, and certainly a lot after, and I know a lot of stuff that I know is not in the public domain, so I go with what I know.”