Ex-Foo Fighters Member Reveals Who Angered Dave Grohl


A former Foo Fighters member is now speaking up about Dave Grohl. Many in the world of music hold Dave up to a very high standard and with good reasoning from the outside looking in.

In the world of rock, Dave Grohl is known as the nice guy. In fact, all through the music realms; Dave Grohl is known as the nice guy of music. Everyone looks to him and aspires to be like him in times of needing to grow their fanbase and their personality.

Grohl is also respected on a generational level because he was, of course, once the drummer of Nirvana and then transitioned to his own band, the Foo Fighters to make a name for himself yet again.

Not all seems to be kosher on the down low when it comes to Dave Grohl in every regard as a former member of Dave’s band, the Foo Fighters has now been speaking out on how Grohl likes to run things.

Sadly, the way that it has been described by the former Foo, Dave seems like the nice guy, but at times reality can be murkier.

The former member here is none other than William Goldsmith who had a very brief stint in the Foo Fighters as the drummer. This saga has been talked about for a while now. Goldsmith felt betrayed by Grohl and also says he hasn’t seen much in royalties from his stay with the band even after recordings. The following was stated during a podcast appearance on Conan Neutron’s Protonic Reversal, as transcribed by Alternative Nation.

William said about a journalist lying to Grohl about his statements: “There was an interview with Dave, that Justin [From Sunny Day Real Estate] said he read where the guy was going out of his way to ask Dave these questions. It’s like he was trying to p*ss him off. He said ‘You know, William Goldsmith holds you responsible for the last Sunny Day (Real Estate) record not coming into fruition.”

William closes: “Then, after he p*sses Dave off, he says ‘Well, he actually did clarify later.’ Justin said that Dave kept his composure pretty well because this guy was just throwing horrible (questions). It’s like, dude, I wouldn’t even talk about that stuff with a person I knew really well. It sucks.”

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