Ozzy Osbourne Coffin Revealed In Sad Photo


Ozzy Osbourne knows that Halloween is on its way. That’s why the official Instagram of the Prince of Darkness recently posted this following retro Ozzy Osbourne picture. The picture is of a 1980’s era Osbourne laying in a coffin with his eyes closed. Ozzy Osbourne’s sister recently revealed ‘heartbreaking’ family news. Could this be Ozzy’s own tongue in cheek way of celebrating the season or an even more tongue in cheek way of brushing off rumors of his “upcoming demise”?  As previously reported several top tabloids suggested that Osbourne would be ‘dead by Christmas’. Could this be Ozzy’s way of taking on those rumors full blast? You can see the ever so spooky coffin photo below.

In other Ozzy Osbourne headlines, fans of the Prince of Darkness took to the subreddit of Osbourne to discuss the impact and legacy of Ozzy’s 1980 solo album, Blizzard of Ozz and if the album still holds up today. Ozzy Osbourne’s family made this ‘terrifying’ announcement not too long ago.

ServeTheServants2001 replied: ” WARNING: UNPOPULAR OPINIONS INCOMING. I actually don’t really like Blizzard of Ozz that much. The Ultimate Sin to me is Ozzy’s best solo album, followed by Bark at the Moon and No Rest for the Wicked. When I bought BOO, I was expecting to be blown away, but found myself underwhelmed and disappointed. I respect Randy Rhoads’ guitar playing, legacy, and influence, but there are only a few songs from this disc that I really love (Crazy Train, No Bone Movies, Mr. Crowley, and Suicide Solution). Diary of a Madman and No More Tears are definitely better than BOO, though.”

Gibsonfan159 said: ” Pretty amazing turnaround for a booze-fueled singer who just got kicked out of his band. What Sharon did to Kerslake and Daisley is just shameful.”

caveman_tan posted: “Diary is better in every way to me. It improved upon everything that Blizzard set up. Revelation and Steal Away is one of the best 1-2 punches ever. I Font Know is one of the best album openers ever. Blizzard has some fantastic songs. I just think Diary edges it out.”