Nikki Sixx Humiliates Gene Simmons Before Show


Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx appeared to take a shot at Gene Simmons declaring rock dead in a new tweet before a Motley Crue and Def Leppard concert.

Rock music might be a major strength for KISS, but geography doesn’t seem to be as much. At a recent show, KISS wanted to thank their fans for taking the trip out to the show. Innocent enough one might think. What happened during the heartfelt message is one of the more shocking KISS happenings, however.

It was a jam packed night in Vienna for KISS and all in attendance as they rocked the stage as they always do. Fans that went to the show and those who make a career off of reviewing live shows all praised the band for the spectacle that they are still, to this day, able to put on.

What shook fans was that during an on-screen message from the band; KISS showed the wrong flag. Vienna is in Austria and the flag that was clad with the KISS logo was that of Australia. Surely, the two words sound enough a like for everyone to get wrong, right? Maybe according to the members of the band.

As of now, there have been no words from the band about the big mistake, but it most likely had nothing to do with the band members personally as they don’t control or animate the graphics that will be used for shows. That said, it looks like whoever does control those things may not be having a job for much longer as Twitter have already started to drag the band for this issue in which you can see below.

The Tweet below says it all as fans are all shaking their heads at this mistake that was very easy to change during the post-production before the band would take the stage to showcase to all of the fans.

A special thanks to Tone Deaf.

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