Exhumed Vocalist Explains Mascot’s Origin




Goregrind legends Exhumed are back with a new album,Death Revenge. This album delivers some intense in your face  death metal/grindcore a further shows the band will never release a bad record. They are also set to play the West Coast only dates of The Black Dalhia Murder’s upcoming tour. I was recently able to speak to vocalist, Matt Harvey ( not the baseball player) on these recent events as well as learn the secret origin of the band’s mascot Dr.Filthy.


How did the writing process for your new album go?


Every record we start with a kind of simple and broad concept,with this one I wanted to capture a little bit of a dark tone, the was the whole initiative behind everything.The record before that Necrocracy, we were more focusing on groove and not speed. We finished recording this record back in April, and we finished back in June of 2016. The hard part was mostly finding places in our sound to stretch out our ideas. We have an instrumental on the album and we incorporate film scores like we normally do.


Will you be playing any of these song on your tour with Black Dalhia Murder and Suffocation and how did a tour like this come to be?


We will for sure. For that tour it’s such a big bill we won’t be playing for long, so we will only have time for like two new songs and 3 or 4 of our greatest hits. We are just doing 5 or 6 shows on that tour and we are doing Knotfest. If you see us listed to play on any West Coast shows those listings are false. It’s an insane bill with Black Dalhia,Suffocation, Necrot, Decriptic Birth and Wormwitch. We are working on more dates where we can headline and play more new songs.


What made you decide to incorporate Dr.Filthy into your shows?


He was a roadie of ours for awhile. We were doing a tour with Macabre and they would have him go around on stage in these serial killer costumes so we realized we were unusing him. We made him into this character called Dr.Filthy. My inspiration for him is what Maiden was doing in the 80’s where the band members can just play their songs and put all their theatrics into a character. I know he’s way into silent movies and that is where he gets his exaggerated stage motions. It works perfect since it’s too loud for you to hear anything.Looney Tunes were also a huge influence on those bits. Those cartoons are just amazing with their physical humor. We have a huge sense of humor and love to have fun. Even my favorite horror movies are ones with a sense of such as Evil Dead and Re-animator.


Will we ever see a Dekapitator reunion?


Very unlikely. I now live 3 hours away from those guys and they all have full time jobs and families. I’d love to bring it back but it doesn’t seem possible.