Faith No More Singer Makes Tragic Announcement


Mike Patton, the incomparable frontman of Faith No More took to social media via Facebook to pay tribute to Jose Jose. The Mexican singer, songwriter, and actor, who was born José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz passed away recently due to a long withstanding battle with pancreatic cancer, a battle he had been hospitalized multiple times in past. Ghost revealed a bold truth about Faith No More this past Summer

Patton posted the following:

Fans on Mike Patton’s official Facebook page also gave their support.

Laura ringed in with: “Thank you, Mike! You and he make people shiver when singing. Reminding people that we are alive through music that breaks boundaries”

Whereas Paulo said: “Man, such a surprise that Mike pays tribute to the legendary crooner from my beloved México. He was certainly one of a kind. It’s a sad day, no doubt about it.”

Meanwhile, Jai Lee replied: “ If there was 1 wish I could have it would be meeting Mike Patton! You’re a true legend mate.

And Paco put: “An awesome singer recognizes another great singer… Didn’t know you were into Mexican music, Mike… This makes me respect you even more.