Ozzy Osbourne Reveals How Many Times He Overdosed


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne seemed to hint that he has overdosed on drugs 33 times. Ozzy Osbourne and his wife were rejected by a rock icon, which was revealed yesterday.

“I overdosed on drugs many times so I am lucky to be here anyway. I’ve had so many brushes with death that I’m the Comeback Kid. If I was a cat I’d have 33 lives.”

An interesting discussion about the meaning behind an Ozzy Osbourne song was recently discussed on Reddit. AlexNWO posted, “Is the Ozzy song ‘Not going away’ a shot at Sharon or the kids? I just recently found this song and after thinking about the lyrics it really seemed to me to stem from a potential argument between Ozzy and his wife or kids!

The line ‘I won’t roll over dead’ seems to indicate a response to what his wife or family might have said. ‘Oh drop dead Ozzy’ the thought of the whole family at the table making plans on how to spend the tour or royalty money. Well like the song says Ozzy ain’t goin’ away!! How do the insider fans think of this?!”

An Ozzy Osbourne horrible nurse remark was recently revealed. agentmantis responded, “I think it’s probably just a song relating to him not ever wanting to stop making and performing music most likely.

Of course Sharon is going to have an Ozzy Hologram. And you know what? If they do a hologram of Randy Rhoads on guitar along with him, I’ll be there. Shit, maybe the Real Jake E. Lee can perform with Ozzy’s hologram. I’d go see that too.”

You can read the full Ozzy interview at The Sun.