Gene Simmons Daughter Holds Hands With Famous Singer


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons recently uploaded a photo on her social media via Instagram of her and her friend, hip hop artist Diego Moski. In the photo, the two are holding hands abroad in The Netherlands in a studio. KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons leaked her own text messages yesterday. 

In other KISS news, fans on the KISSFAQ fan forum were debating when KISS will actually conclude as a band and if the band would be better off for it.

Gene Simmons’ wife was recently stunned by tragic news. JohnKissfan1974 opened up the discussion by saying: ” Am I the only one who cannot wait for G&P to end the band??! I believe the contents of the vault will start to be released once they finish and that is what I waiting for! They have so much stuff to release. With the number of negatives (and rights) the band acquired through the lawsuit a few years back they have enough material from the 1974-83 eras to release VOLUMES of books and large posters! That isn’t including any 1972-3 pics Gene and Paul have in their possession as well! With the number of newspaper clippings, Gene has “reported” to have collected over the band history, scrapbook “themed” books can also be released where the reader could be able to read the newspaper clippings. They have tons and tons of footage; full concerts, backstage and official videos that can be released by year or album. That alone is volumes! There is so much the band has documented in the form of a concert, outtakes, demos, alternate mixes, and unreleased materials – they will make a killing if they begin releasing this stuff! The question is WHEN will they end the band? Unfortunately, I think they will milk it until either P or G pass or people simply stop attending the shows.”

Gene Simmons got ‘lucky’ with this woman in this new video. RedInTheSky chimed in with: “I wouldn’t doubt there’s a lot of stuff that will be released here and thereafter the band if off the road. Not truckloads, but some, to keep the flame going for a while after the band is done, but released soon enough for the existing fans to still care about it. I have a feeling that things may be different than just “package it and throw it in stores,” maybe some great digital releases, and yes look for Gene’s box set to have a ‘regular’ release. He won’t pass on that extra money.”