Family Reveal How Final Wish Kurt Cobain Had May Now Come True


With the help of Heather Karl Shook, Kurt Cobain’s family are now attempting to sell his childhood home for a cheaper price than the home has previously been listed for. Shook told Seattle PI that the family told her that Cobain had a wish for what would happen to the home.

Working closely with Cobain’s family, Shook learned that “Kurt wanted it to be a music school or music museum,” she says. “That’s what the family’s hoping (someone will) do with it.

“That was the happiest time of his life, in that house,” says Shook. “The family wants something positive to happen with it. They’re not looking to make a ton of money on it.”

The home is now listed at $225,000, higher than Aberdeen’s $128,000 median listing price, but “we have a more realistic value on it now,” she says.

The price “to own a piece of rock history is crazy, in my opinion,” she adds. “How do you place the value on the person who lived there?”

By reaching out to investors and those in the music industry in Seattle, Shook has been trying to attract the right buyer. Another idea that Nirvana fans might enjoy: “Maybe clean it up just a little bit and turn it into an Airbnb,” says Shook.