Greta Van Fleet Singer Flips Off Camera In Bad Photo


Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka flipped off and gave a peace sign to a camera in a new photo, looking bad ass! Greta Van Fleet revealed a bold AC/DC secret earlier this week.

altruisticinterest02 wrote about a recent Toronto performance, “I just saw the boys perform yesterday at Echo Beach and they were absolutely phenomenal. Ida Mae was amazing too. Their improvisation live, truly sets them apart from other bands who simply play along the lines of their studio version songs. All of the videos of the performances and even their studio versions don’t do their live performances justice.

I was blown away by ‘Black Flag Exposition’ and it’s currently been on repeat because I have never seen it before, they should totally put it on Spotify. Finally, Josh’s audience interactions and retention were off the charts!

He was running around high fiving everyone, throwing sticks into the crowd and blowing kisses like I’ve never seen before. I just wish I could meet them one day and play the drums on stage with them because I’ve been a fan since their starting years.”

Chris Cornell’s daughter recently revealed her thoughts on Greta Van Fleet. The Beach Whale commented, “I was front row yesterday, and I highly recommend lining up early to get that close! I got to touch Josh’s hand; the whole experience was surreal. A few people just to the left of me got a drumstick each though… so I was bummed about being that close to leaving with a drumstick.”