Famous 90’s Rocker Reveals How Chris Cornell Played New Soundgarden Song Days Before Death


Corrosion of Conformity’s Reed Mullin discussed Chris Cornell’s death and the late singer playing him a new Soundgarden song 9 days before his death. Mullin told RocksVerige. Corrosion of Conformity found some mainstream success in the 90’s on Columbia Records:

Chris Cornell dying, I couldn´t wrap my head around that one. My girlfriend and I went to see Chris do his solo thing and he was playing in Richmond, Virginia which is like three hours from where I live. One thing that is absolutely true about me is that I am always late for everything. I showed up and I was 30 minutes late and I was like ”Fuck!”.

Well, I got my tickets and somebody grabbed me and said ”He´s waiting for you!” and I said ”What are you talking about?” and he went ”Chris pushed the show back so he could see you.” and I said ”You gotta be fucking kidding me?” They took me downstairs and we caught up and reminisced for like half an hour. That´s just the kinda guy he was.

Then me and my girlfriend went to see the Temple of the Dog show and nine days before he killed himself we saw him in Charlotte. He and the whole band (Soundgarden) were talking about all the stuff they were doing and they played me one of the new Soundgarden songs and Chris was talking about all this shit he had planned for the rest of the year. Not just Soundgarden, but tons of stuff. When they played he did a shoutout to me from the stage. He was the last person I would´ve guessed to do that. He was super cool.