Iconic 90’s Band Banned From Major Festival For Peeing In Bizarre Place


Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros frontman Perry Farrell discussed being banned from the Pukkelpop Festival on Twitter.

“Oh there are stories to that 1st day. Thx R&R. I’d never seen that before. “If it sucks, then it’s kind of my fault?.” I come off kinda young. Glad it all worked out though. Really looking forward to this next batch of Lollas. Have a hankering to hear new music. Need vacation.”

“Bet I could put that night back together. I know who filmed that evening. Don’t you want to just transport back there. When each night was a mystery; each day seemingly without consequence. How did we live without cell phones? We spoke face to face. Kept girls #s in little books.”

A fan said, “Those where the days. Still talking about that Porno For Pyros show at Pukkelpop. You brought the whole circus. Magnificent.”

Perry responded, “Got barred from playing Pukkelpop again (nasty fights with deli trays. Messy bunch. The owner was livid. Not I- but we ruined one of his monitors. They do not work after being urinated on as we came to find out. Blind drunks find the kookiest places to relieve themselves yeah?”

A fan said, “I was lucky enough to be there on this magical day, 8/5/91 @BlossomMusicCtr (Cleveland). So much beautiful energy and chaos. Reliving this day in my head makes me feel indescribably good. Look at all the people having the time of their lives. https://youtu.be/lBwgyXxScoM”

Perry responded, “That there is as good as it gets. Man give me some more! Dave looks like he was having the time of his life playing that guitar- we are all and I mean all putting out and jumping in. Inspirational as A Methodist Church on Sunday (I am assuming they don’t roll all over each other).”