Ozzy Osbourne Rushed To Hospital In Awful Video


Legendary heavy metal star Ozzy Osbourne recently uploaded the following video snippet on his Instagram page in promotion for the hand press splatter vinyl version of Osbourne’s hit 1983 studio album, ‘Bark at the Moon.’ Here, Osbourne describes the process of dressing up like a werewolf for the album’s self-titled single in which it took multiple hours to apply and remove. In addition, ‘The Prince of Darkness’ revealed how filming the single’s music video in one particular location got the better of him. Alternative Nation transcribed Osbourne’s comments. Howard Stern just unloaded on Ozzy Osbourne family disrespect.

Ozzy Osbourne: “That makeup that I had on took eight hours to put on and we actually filmed for about an hour. So it took another eight hours to get off. It was a nightmare. We filmed ‘Bark to the Moon’ in an old victorian ex-mental hospital and we went through all these different places and we found a pickling face in a bowl! That was creepy.

Howard also discussed a ‘small crowd’ at a Guns N’ Roses show not too long ago. In other news regarding Ozzy Osbourne – fans took to social media to reflect on the legacy and impact in regards to the aforementioned landmark album ‘Bark at the Moon’.

One fan wrote: “I have no idea about the differences between the original and the remaster. I bought a used copy so I am not sure if it is the remaster or original. Whatever version it is, this album is amazing. I have followed Ozzy for a long time and can’t understand why it took me so long to get this album. I have kind of been moving backwards, starting with Live and Loud, then No More Tears, No Rest for The Wicked, The Ultimate Sin and now this. I will obviously have to pick up the 2 Rhoads albums soon.”

Tom Petty’s daughter leaked a heartbreaking Ozzy Osbourne photo fairly recently. The fan continued: “As for this one, it is solid from start to finish. I think there is not a fan that doesn’t know the seminal title track, but You’re No Different, Rock ‘n’ Rebel and Waiting for Darkness are very solid as well. The album does have some synthesizer, or some effect similar to it, but this was part of many different 80’s bands and fits here. I really can’t understand why Jake E. Lee wasn’t kept around. This and The Ultimate Sin both rock. Yes Zack is good as well, but Lee sure had some very good chops on these two records.”