Fans Kicked Out Of A Perfect Circle Show For ‘Vengeful’ Reason By ‘Maynard’s Minion’


Theresa wrote about being kicked out of a recent A Perfect Circle show on iHeartRadio.

Last night I was kicked out of the APC show! No lie! It was a heinous crime! Are you ready? Here’s my story.

I took a selfie of people around me and my flash accidentally went off. One of Maynard James Keenan’s Minions came up and that was the end of my innocence.

Many fans were unknowingly video taping their favorite songs and snapping photos. Who wouldn’t? I’ts A Perfect Freaking Circle! One of my favorite flavors besides the Grandaddy of them all, TOOL! My flash accidentally going off set everything into motion. Someone next to me was doing social media with the live show and her phone was taken immediately . It was taken by the MINION! Maynard James Keenan’s Minion was striking with a vengeance.

Minion was unforgiving. He offered no warning. He even had police escort us out. (Someone has a tiny penis). Did I commit double murder or take a selfie? I guess some will debate this for years. We were booted! Not allowed back in. Only told by Minion to, “Get an Uber”.

Theresa added that she hated the ‘minion,’ not Maynard James Keenan or A Perfect Circle.

A Perfect Circle and Tool generally do not allow fans to film or photograph shows, though videos and photos do end up surfacing online from many shows.

David de Sola wrote the following to Alternative Nation.

Some context: Maynard has a thing about camera flashes for YEARS and security are instructed accordingly. I went to APC show in London in 2000. People were taking pics in front with flash. MJK did an entire song with his back to the audience. He asked audience not to take pics and gave local security instructions as well. A few minutes later, guy in front of me tried to take pic. We were very close to barrier and security. Security saw, took his camera, and as I recall they popped it open and exposed the film. Fast forward a few years later, I have credential to cover APC show in DC, as well as a camera. MJK bodyguard was relentless in making sure that my flash didn’t go off when photographers allowed at the front early in show. He gave me a piece of gaffer tape to cover the flash.