‘Obstacle’ To New Temple of the Dog Album & Tour Revealed


Chris Cornell discussed Temple of the Dog’s future in a new Den of Geek interview.

“It was really an amazing experience so I think we’re all motivated to do something again,” he said. “The only obstacle really is the same one that’s always been there, which is that everybody’s always busy. So it literally has to be planned ahead by two years and that’s a hard thing to do. But it’s something that we definitely want to do. Whether it’s possibly doing some new songs or just getting out and playing more shows, maybe in other parts of the world we haven’t gone into, I don’t know. But everybody kind of wants to do something.”

He also discussed meeting refugees.

“I wanted to go visit a camp to add faces and human beings to my own consciousness and really my daughter’s too — it was important that she see it. She’s seeing another 12-year-old girl that’s either a political refugee or an economic immigrant whose family has been torn apart and they’re living eight people in a room half the size of this one that we’re sitting in now…”

Pearl Jam are currently taking a break from touring and recording, while Soundgarden are heading out on a spring tour and planning a new album.