Tool Reveal When They Plan To Finally Record New Album


Here’s a report from the Baked Potato where Fourtheye reader nxrm had the chance to chat with Danny Carey about Tool’s new album:

I went to The Baked Potato tonight and caught the first set of the Doug Webb Allstars. During the break I was fortunate to talk with Danny, and I asked him how high Tool fans must be to think the band would be releasing a new album prior to this upcoming tour. He laughed and said, “They can believe whatever they want, but it’s not gonna happen.” He added, and I’m condensing/paraphrasing here, that they hope to get into the studio to record in the Fall.

There had been speculation that Tool had somehow recorded their new album, even though Maynard James Keenan has admitted he’s barely worked on it, to coincide with their summer tour.

Fourtheye also reported regarding Tool’s huge San Bernardino show:

Apparently the “guest” at the San Bernardino show was confirmed as well, but I’ve been asked to keep that one close to my chest. It’s not anyone that I’ve seen guessed previously, but will say it’s an older band that has been cited as an influence by Tool members in the past.