Fans Of Oasis & Linkin Park Should Check Out DON’T BELIEVE IN GHOSTS


Don’t Believe in Ghosts is a New York-based alternative rock outfit. The band is composed of frontman Steven Nathan, guitarist Dan Delvecchio, bassist Alex Goumas, &
drummer Rick Eddy. Steeped in the pop-rock sensibilities of the 90’s Britpop scene with a modern twist, the band’s first record, Give It Meaning, is now available to order and stream.

Says frontman Steven Nathan of the band’s new video for their single, “Slow Down”: “So many bands today really just imitate each other’s music videos and, to my eyes, that is a little boring.  Right now I’m just more intrigued by classic films and stories than music videos, I guess.  I’m a big fan of great visual directors like Wes Anderson, Stanley Kubrick and so many of the French New Wave films that inspired them.  All of that was a huge influence on this obviously.”

“In fact, there are many nods to some classic films throughout the video. We shot this at a friend’s childhood home. Since the first day I stepped in there, I knew I had to one day film something in this house… it’s absolutely incredible. It’s almost a mix between a time capsule and a fantasy world.”

You can check out Alternative Nation’s exclusive premiere for “Slow Down” below.

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