First New Photo Of Soundgarden Member Since Chris Cornell’s Funeral


A fan named Maya Muñoz‏ posted a photo of herself meeting Soundgarden and Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron on July 5th. Maya tweeted, “JUST MET MATT CAMERON FROM PEARL JAM ??❤️?.”

This is the first new photo of a surviving member of Soundgarden to surface since Chris Cornell’s funeral on May 26th at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Heart members Ann and Nancy Wilson shared fond memories of Chris Cornell and the Grunge scene in a new Billboard article.

Ann: Back in the late ’90s, early 2000s in Seattle, my house was kind of the central meeting point for bands like Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

Nancy: There was a real sense of community among all those amazing Seattle musicians. It felt like we suddenly had brothers we’d never had in our own family.

Ann: It was obvious to me from the get-go that Chris was an extraordinarily complicated and sensitive, bright person, somebody who was almost like a seer, otherworldly. He was very shy, with these bright, penetrating eyes.

Nancy: I remember him sitting cross-legged at Ann’s feet, trying to pick her brain: “How do you do it? How do you survive when you’re not onstage?” “Well, if you play with your dog in the yard, that helps. Just do something kind of normal and fun.” But that’s not how he worked. He never stopped feeling as deeply as he felt.

Ann: A lot of the times in those gatherings, the guys just blew off steam, sitting on the kitchen counters with their cigarettes and beers. We all got wild and loose together, and then I’d call cabs for them.